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Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee
HummZinger Hummingbird Feeders are crafted from rugged, ultra-violet resisitant polycarbonate in the United States. Granted, you can purchase hummingbird feeders for less but the HummZingers are constructed in such a way that the manufacturer can back them with a Lifetime Guarantee.

The Aspects Lifetime Guarantee covers the function of the product against defects and damage. Do no dispose of your product, your warranty is not valid without it. If at any time the guaranteed Aspects product breaks or it will no longer function, Aspects will put it back in working order. Aspects will either repair or replace parts or the entire unit (at Aspects' option) at no charge.

All Aspects' products are intended for outdoor use and may become dirty and weathered over time. This guarantee does not cover replacing parts or product because they are dirty or weathered, nor does it apply if the product fails due to neglect or misuse.

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