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HummZinger Ultra Feeder
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HummZinger Ultra Feeder
The most insect-proof feeder on the market
If insects plague a nectar feeding station, the HummZinger Ultra is the perfect solution. Our newest hummingbird feeder, the HummZinger Ultra, combines patented Nectar-guard tips with a built-in ant moat. Nectar-Guard tips are flexible membranes attached to the HummZinger Ultra's feed ports. These unique tips prevent bees, wasps, yellow jackets & other flying insects from feeding at the ports while allowing unrestricted feeding by hummingbirds. A hummingbird's bill easily slips through these flexible membranes, but they form an impenetrable barrier to insects. Also, the built-in ant moat stops crawling insects in their tracks before they can reach the nectar. These two patented features combine to give our HummZinger Ultra the ultimate in protection from both flying and crawling insects while you can enjoy the hummingbirds.

Lifetime Guarantee
* 12 oz. capacity
* 4 feeding ports
* Bee, wasp, yellow jacket & ant resistant
* Easy to clean
* Includes brass rod for hanging
* Raised ports divert rain
* Top-rack dishwasher-safe

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